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Mountain Equipment UK
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Over the last 50 years, Mountain Equipment has participated in every British first ascent of an 8000m peak, been part of more than 175 Everest summits and has equipped unsupported trips to the North and South Poles.

While well-known in the UK for their quality sleeping bags, outerwear, tents, bivis, bags and slacklines, Mountain Equipment only recently began distributing their products in the United States.

Mountain Equipment’s colorful wall of comfy sleeping bags at Outdoor Retailer drew us in to learn more.

Here’s what we discovered…

 Mountain Equipment Sleeping Bags

Mountain Equipment Sleeping Bags:
The facts straight from Mountain Equipment

Mountain Equipment manufactures down-filled and synthetic sleeping bags to support a wide-range of conditions and needs.

Each of the bags is constructed using a mix of the following key features:

  • EXL: A patented technology that provides optimum warmth. Uses an elasticated lining to gently hug your body and improve thermal efficiency.
  • TDS: A patented technology providing maximum comfort. Uses elasticated baffles to allow sections of the bag to stretch.
  • Sharks toe foot: An offset foot-piece that reduces the compression of insulation and allows your feet to lie comfortably in a natural position.
  • Anatomical hood: Carefully shaped to your heads profile to maximise comfort and heat retention.
  • V baffles: Consists of three mesh side-walls. This is the most effective method of holding down insulation in position and retaining heat.
  • Trapezoidal baffles: A modified version of the V Baffle that uses less fabric whilst holding down where it’s needed most.
  • Box wall: Consists of two mesh side walls. An established and widely used method of construction that is low in weight.
  • Shingle Construction: Layers of synthetic wadding are sewn on a slant, overlapping at least one other over half its length to prevent heat loss.
  • Interlocking thermal venting zip: A 2-stage zipper that allows you to open the bag fully for ventilation and zip L&R handed versions together.
  • 2-way locking zipper: A 2-way zipper allowing the bag to be opened from either end and featuring a self locking zip-puller to prevent accidental opening.
  • 7-piece bullseye foot plug: Consisting of 7 individual baffles to keep your feet warm and allow down to loft to its maximum.
  • 3-dimensional neck collar: Ergonomically shaped baffle, positioned to comfortably sit around your neck and retain maximum heat.
  • 5-piece bullseye foot plug: Sophisticated foot-piece. Consisting of 5 individual baffles to keep your feet warm and allow down to loft to its maximum
  • Double zip baffle: Full-length double baffle system to prevent heat loss from side-zips. Each baffle is designed to close against the other sealing heat inside.
Mountain Equipment
Photo: Greg K Hull © Chasing Light Media

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