Eric Larsen

Polar explorer, Eric Larsen
Polar explorer, Eric Larsen
Photo: © Eric Larsen

The highest temperature ever recorded at the South Pole was 9.9°F and the lowest, a balmy −117.0 °F.

Sounds like a perfect place for a bike ride.

But, polar explorer Eric Larsen sure thinks so. In December of 2012, Larsen will set out on a 1500 mile bike ride to the geographic South Pole and back. The adventure will combine his love of cycling and exploring the ends of the Earth, the latter being something for which he is well-known.  Larsen’s accomplishments are numerous and include being the only person to reach the top, bottom & roof of the world in a continuous 365-day period.

We sat down with Eric recently to learn more…

A kid from Wisconsin ends up on the three poles of the Earth

“I’ve always had a love of being outside and a curiosity about what’s around the next corner…”

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The challenges of extreme cold

“Being out in temperatures of -30, -40, -50, -60 or whatever, there’s a level of severity that doesn’t exist in warmer climates – and, to me, I really like that challenge…”

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Tour d’Antarctica

“Going to Antarctica for the first time I started to realize that the conditions – well, that there might be the possibility of riding a bicycle there…”

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Lessons to be learned

“The thing about expeditions that I really like is that there are a lot of lessons to be learned…”

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Connecting people with places

“Not everybody has the ability or desire to go to the places that I do, but they are important…”

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Follow Eric, find Eric

“We talk about trying to change the world and making these big gigantic steps, but I started to think, it doesn’t have to be this big huge thing to change the world…”

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