SWANY® Women’s SX-43 X-Cell II Gloves

SWANY® Women’s SX-43 X-Cell II GlovesBrand: Swany
Item: Women’s SX-43 X-Cell II Gloves
Activity: Skiing or snowboarding
Year purchased: 2012
Price: About $130

When I wanted a new pair of ski gloves, I sent Swany a tweet and asked what was their warmest pair of gloves.

They recommended either the Bad Boy or the X-Cell, so later that day we stopped in a ski store and picked up a pair of X-Cell.

SWANY Women’s SX-43 X-Cell II Gloves

The gloves are comfortable and fit my hands well.

They are made from good leather that is flexible and, so far, durable.

As far as warmth, they are the warmest pair of gloves I’ve had. On very cold days, I still prefer down mittens, but they are great gloves for an average cold day.

SWANY Women’s SX-43 X-Cell II Gloves: The facts straight from Swany

  • Shell: Smooth Grain LeatherShield with reinforced digitized palm
  • Insulation: Tri-plex insulation system, Dryfinger II insert, Dyna-Therm lining
  • Features: Uni-pull cuff, quick release strap, precurved construction, utility heat pocket, AquaGuard lock-down zipper, Swany leash

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