Showers Pass® VelEau™

Showers Pass® VelEau Bicycle Hydration System
Showers Pass® VelEau Bicycle Hydration System
Photo: Greg K. Hull © Chasing Light Media

We have talked numerous times about the need for a better hydration solution than bottles in cages or wearing one on your back.

The Showers Pass VelEau may just solve that problem.

The Showers Pass VelEau: How it works

Showers Pass® VelEau Bicycle Hydration System
Showers Pass® VelEau Bicycle Hydration System
Photo: Greg K. Hull © Chasing Light Media

The VelEau fits under your seat and holds 42 oz of water – on hot days we fill it with ice and then with water or water enhanced by a supplement.

The drink tube runs along your bike’s top tube. To drink, you simply grab the bite valve and have a sip – it is anchored by a retractable reel, so it then pops back into place.

And, there’s a compartment under the bottle to hold your snacks and tools.

How cool is that.

The Showers Pass VelEau: Installation

The VelEau is easy to install. The first one took about 20 minutes. The second one, maybe 10 minutes.

  1. Install the reels (the retractable part).
  2. Add the gravity kit. Sounds more complicated than it is – it’s the part that holds the drinking tube on your top tube.
  3. Add the drinking tube.
  4. Connect the drinking tube to the bag, then fix the bag on the bike.
  5. Adjust the bag, cut the tube to the right length and that’s it.

(They provide detailed instructions with pictures, but it’s very easy to install.)

The Showers Pass VelEau: A year later

We’ve ridden a 1000+ miles since installing our VelEau hydration systems and can’t imagine doing a long ride without them.

On supported rides, we just unscrew the cap at the aid station and refill.

On long unsupported rides, we take bottles of water in the cages and refill our VelEau from them.

Drinking out of the VelEau is easier and safer than reaching down for a bottle and then trying to get the bottle back in the cage.  We frequently ride a route that is 12 miles straight uphill, with nearly no flats & no downs, so it is the only way to safely stay hydrated on the climb.

After your ride, you simply disconnect the tube from the bottle and let the remaining water out, then remove the bag and clean the bottle.

The Showers Pass VelEau: The facts straight from Showers Pass

  • Works with commuter, mountain, road or recreation bikes
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 120cm medical-grade, 90A durometer polyurethane tube can be cut to fit most bikes
  • Dishwasher safe 42oz bottle is fully recyclable, and made of food-grade HDPE
  • Magnetic reels with 3 -ply nylon parachute cord, tested to over 180,000 cycles
  • 2 Cubic Inches of storage in the integrated seat bag
  • Designed to fit any bike with at least 4 inches (10 cm) of exposed seatpost and standard seat rails
  • Weighs 16 oz

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