Canada Goose®

Canada GooseWhen it’s really cold outside, Canada Goose will keep you warm.

A high-end manufacturer of outerwear since 1957, Canada Goose is where polar explorers and inhabitants of cold environments have long turned for jackets, vests, and accessories designed for extreme cold weather conditions.

Canada Goose recently collaborated with luxury goods creator Loro Piana® to create a new product line.

We stopped by the Canada Goose booth at Outdoor Retailer to learn more about the collaboration.

Not surprisingly, given that the two brands are well-known for superb quality, we found an exquisite collection that was as stylish as it was warm.

“The idea was to take one of Loro Piana’s fabrics that was for stormy weather called Storm System® technology, so it’s waterproof and windproof, and bring that iconic fabric into our iconic design.”

For men

Canada Goose for men
A beautifully designed jacket of quality and craftsmanship with leather-trim details, big buttons and a down-filled hood.

For women

Canada Goose for womenCombining the luxury of Loro Piano wool and the cold-weather performance of Canada Goose, the resulting jacket is luxurious, warm, and very stylish.

“The coyote fur is absolutely functional. There are 3 types of furs in the world that protect your face from frostbite and coyote is one of them. So, if you want to protect your face from frostbite, this is the way to go.”

For the planet

Canada Goose Expedition parkaCanada Goose created the original Expedition parka for scientists working in research facilities at McMurdo station in Antarctica.

The Polar Bears International (PBI) version of the classic Expedition Parka features PBI’s logo and signature blue color.

Polar Bears International is a non-profit organization dedicated to the worldwide conservation of the polar bear and its habitat through research, stewardship and education.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of each of the signature royal blue parkas goes directly to supporting scientific research by PBI and the preservation of polar bear habitats.

“Consumers were saying, ‘What a great jacket.’ So we said, ‘Ok, we’ll put them in the line and we’ll donate $25 to PBI with every jacket sold.’

It was so successful we extended that into some of our lightweight jackets and into accessories. Now we are raising six figures a year from sales of these.”

Learn more about Canada Goose

Canada Goose is sold in more than 40 countries.

Canada Goose outerwearCanada Goose outerwear Canada Goose on Amazon

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