SOMM DocumentaryMany a restaurant will trot a guy in a suit out with a wine list under his arm and call him a sommelier.

If you have a chance to speak with anyone going through the Court of Master Sommelier examinations, or one of the 197 who have earned the designation of Master Sommelier over the last 4 decades, you will, in very short time, understand the difference. Those seeking to have an MS after their name speak of countless wines you’ve never heard of.  They can identify grape varieties, country of origin, district and appellation of origin, and vintages of the wines – by taste.  They are obsessed with wine.

And, Jason Wise has spent the last couple of years following four of them on their journey to achieving the coveted Master Sommelier designation in his new documentary, SOMM.


Filmed in six countries over two years, SOMM is an upcoming feature documentary chronicling one of the hardest exams in the world.

SOMM is the story of four sommeliers attempting to pass the Master Sommelier exam, a test with one of the lowest pass rates in the world. On Nov 7, 2012,  SOMM will premiere at the historic Napa Valley Opera House in conjunction with the Napa Valley Film Festival 2012.

Here’s the preview trailer…

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Following the Napa Valley premiere, SOMM will begin distribution across the country. Keep up with the latest from SOMM on the SOMM Facebook page and by following SOMM on Twitter.

Photography & video courtesy of Forgotten Man Films.