Aventura Clothing

Hiking Smuggler Mountain in Aspen
Hiking Smuggler Mountain in Aspen
Photo: Greg K Hull © Chasing Light Media

Aventura clothing is a lifestyle apparel brand with a strong focus on the environment.

After discovering Aventura in 2012, I quickly ended up with a good selection of shorts and capris in multiple colors.

They are super-comfortable, but also stylish.  The roll-up legs make them even more versatile.

I wear them everywhere  – hiking, dining, conducting interviews (ever so apparent in our gear reviews).

And eco-friendly too

Aventura’s eco-friendly clothing is made from organic cotton grown in soil free of chemicals and pesticides and from rayon made from bamboo.

The idea started back in 2001 when our president John Kirsch began researching
the opportunity of using organic and sustainable fibers to make clothing with.
Now we have produced over 100 styles of sustainable clothing.
–  Aventura

We stopped by Aventura at Outdoor Retailer in August and chatted with Tom Williamson to learn a bit more about the brand…

Learn more about Aventura & locate retailers on the Aventura website

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