4 Cool Upcycled, Repurposed & Eco-friendly Products

From taking our bags to the grocery store to riding the bus, we continually try to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint & live more environmentally-friendly.

So, we were excited when we found some new product lines with really cool & fun products that are also good for the environment. Here they are…

OLovesM repurposed bagsOLovesM

OLovesM is a line of unique bags created fromun-used yoga mats & other materials that companies were going to throw away.

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Baabaazuzu fingerless glovesEach Baabaazuzu upcycled clothing item is a unique, soft & fun creation made from pieces of wool garments that were headed for the landfill.

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Aventura's eco-friendly clothingAventura

Aventura’s eco-friendly clothing is made from organic cotton grown in soil free of chemicals and pesticides and from rayon made from bamboo.

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Green Guru Gear

Green Guru Gear walletGreen Guru Gear’s product line is created from recycled bike tubes, banners, wetsuits, climbing rope & PETE recycled plastic bottles.

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