Baabaazuzu fingerless glovesIt started when her husband accidentally washed her favorite wool sweaters.

Sue Burns didn’t discard the resulting tiny sweaters – she cut them up and created hats for her daughters.  People loved the hats and ultimately, it led to a new line of upcycled clothing… Baabaazuzu.

Now Sue, and her production team of 20, takes wool garments that no one wants, puts the garments through a process called felting – shrinking the wool in very hot water – to create a very dense fabric, cuts them up and then creates wearable works of art.

We met Sue at Outdoor Retailer where she gave us a quick overview of Baabaazuzu…

Baabaazuzu Upcycled Clothing

The Baabaazuzu line includes mittens, fingerless gloves, scarves, hats, purses, bags, jackets, vests, and accessories.

No item is the same – each is a unique creation.  The items are soft, creative, fun and cozy.

Shop online or located one of the 900 retailers on the Baabaazuzu website.


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