Green Guru™ Gear

Green Guru Gear walletAnyone that rides road bikes with any frequency has changed, and thrown away, more than a few bike tire tubes.  It’s annoying – knowing you are constantly adding items to landfills that will probably be there for centuries.

Green Guru Gear InterbikeBoulder’s Green Guru Gear thought the same thing – and created an entire product line out of recycled bike tubes, banners, wetsuits, climbing rope, and PETE recycled plastic bottles.

Green Guru Gear InterbikeWe first found Green Guru in Denver at a bike expo a couple of years ago and purchased two card wallets and a small zip pouch.  They are cool, durable and it is good to use an eco-friendly product.

Green Guru Gear InterbikeWe stopped by the Green Guru Gear booth at Interbike where they were creating products using a human-powered sewing machine. Pedaling the bike generated power for the sewing machine where recycled bike tubes were being used to make new items.

Green Guru Gear’s product line now includes bags, bike gear, messenger bags, backpacks, panniers, wallets, accessories and some awesome iPad bags.Check out all the items or find a retailer on the Green Guru Gear website.

Additional eco-friendly products: