Doug Stoup

Doug Stoup- Ice Axe ExpeditionsYou’ve seen him in Warren Miller films.

He trekked 738 miles across Antarctica following the original course planned by Shackleton.

He was the…

  • 1st American male to ski the South Pole
  • 1st person to ice bike a long distance in Antarctica
  • 1st person to ski & snowboard the descent of Vinson Massif

He’s ski adventurer and polar explorer, Doug Stoup.

Doug Stoup: A look back to 1999, skiing powder on the Vinson Massif

In 1999, Doug completed the first snowboard descent of Vinson Massif.

Doug Stoup: A love of nature, pushing the limits and a life of training

Planning and preparation leads to success.

Doug Stoup: Ice Axe Expeditions

Can anyone go to the North Pole? Doug talks preparation, skills, training for expedition success.

Doug Stoup: The Ice Axe Foundation

Founded by Doug, the Ice Axe Foundation partners with schools, scientists and research organizations to bring interactive learning experiences to classrooms around the world.

Learn more

Doug and Ice Axe Expeditions have some amazing trips planned for the future. Find out more about these adventures, Doug, and Ice Axe Expeditions at IceAxe.TV


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