Choosing the best men’s ski wear

Do men choose ski wear differently than women? It’s an interesting question.I would think men and women focus on many of the same characteristics, such as comfort, quality and waterproofing. Those three factors can make or break your day on the slopes.

Whether you are sailing down corduroy or shredding the steeps, you want to be able to move your arms, don’t want zippers breaking, and don’t want to be soaked should you take a spill.

How about breathability and warmth?

Both are pretty important – nobody wants to be cold and I’m pretty sure everyone is happier if you can take your jacket off without being drenched in sweat.

And, design?

Form and function

Hamilton Sports, Aspen
Hamilton Sports, Aspen
Photo: Greg K. Hull © Chasing Light Media

While men may lean slightly more toward function over form, let’s face it, men want to look good too.

So, where do all the factors that make great men’s ski wear meet in the real world?

We think KJUS ski wear.

Created by Norwegian ski racer and Olympic champion, Lasse Kjus, KJUS ski wear for men protects against the elements, is super comfortable and it looks great too.

Take a look at the new
KJUS men’s warp speed ski jacket

We were recently talking with Bill Miller at Hamilton Sports in Aspen when a specific men’s jacket across the way caught my eye.

Hamilton Sports

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