Choosing the right pair of skis

Opening day has a way of turning thoughts towards what’s the newest, latest and best in skis.

Which skis perform the best? Some expert advice could come in handy about this time…

Shopping for a new pair of skis

Hamilton Sports, Aspen
Hamilton Sports, Aspen
Photo: Greg K. Hull © Chasing Light Media

Shopping for a new pair of skis is both exciting and intimidating.

Which brands are best?  Which style suits the type of skiing I do most?  What if I want a good all mountain ski?

Former pro skier and Aspen ski shop owner, Bill Miller, took a few moments to share with us his thoughts on this year’s selection, why he chose the skis he did for his ski shop, Hamilton Sports, and what he skies on…

Kastle Skis & Blizzard Skis Summary

Hamilton Sports, Aspen

  • Both are Austrian ski manufacturers
  • Both Kastle & Blizzard offer superb quality
  • Wide variety of styles & both Kastle & Blizzard have an excellent all-mountain option
  • Hamilton Sports carries one of the largest selections of Kastle in the U.S.
  • What’s the best ski Bill’s ever tested? (The answer is at the end of the video…)

Hamilton Sports

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