Tube in a Box

So, what is Tube in a Box?

The name says it all – an inner tube that you can order from Amazon that, you guessed it – arrives in a box. Tube in a Box is sold for summer & winter – we tried it out for snow tubing.

The tube is very heavy-duty and comes in two sizes – small for children & small adults, large for most adults. An optional accessory is a Snow Tube Jacket that covers the tube, has handles and adds a bottom enclosure to make gliding easier over the surfaces it comes in contact with & keeps your bum dry.

Tube in a Box
Tube in a Box
Photo: Greg K. Hull © Chasing Light Media

Tube in a Box: Ski bum style

On the way to the hill, we stopped by a gas station and filled the tube with air. It filled in less than a minute and then we were on our way to snow tubing.

After a climb up the hill, well, the video says it all…

I had to do it numerous times – you know, just to make sure the videos came out well.

It was great fun!  Snow tubing reportedly dates back to the early 1800’s yet, from researching available snow inner tubes, it appears to be somewhat difficult to find an option that will hold up to the snow, grass and rocks.

Tube in a Box
Tube in a Box
Photo: Greg K. Hull © Chasing Light Media

Tube in a Box’s heavy-duty construction seems to have conquered that and delivers a quality ride down the hill. Afterward, we let the air out of the tube (it does take some time to remove the air) & stowed it in its bag.

Tube in a Box: Safety

Tube in a Box
Tube in a Box
Photo: Greg K. Hull © Chasing Light Media

Snow tubing has become quite popular at many ski resorts, where many resorts have created snow tubing parks.

Typically, the snow tubing parks have banks of snow to keep riders on the trail that gradually level out the hill to enable stopping at the bottom. Since you are on your own with Tube in a Box, safety becomes your own responsibility. We went to a small hill, clear of trees and with plenty of clearance for stopping at the bottom. There is little ability to control the direction of an inner tube on snow, as opposed to some capability with sledding.

Tube in a Box has a safety section on their website – but fundamentally, if you decide to go tubing, you assume all the associated risks of doing so.

Tube in a Box: The facts straight from Tube in Box

  • 100% Commercial Grade Rubber
  • UV Protected
  • Safety Rubber Coated Schrader Valve
  • Tear Resistant
  • Multi-Season use for Summer and Winter

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