Google+ Ski and Snowsports community

Google+ Ski and Snow SportsAnd… you’re saying, “What?”

Let’s catch up. If you haven’t joined Google+ yet or haven’t stopped by Google+ lately – it’s time to get on board.

Google+ has some cool new features, and with the recent launch of communities, it has quickly become one of the most interactive social networks around and everyone is talking about it.

Circles, Hangouts & Communities

Getting started with Google+ is easy – complete the profile, add your pic and start meeting other +ers.

Some terminology that will quick-start the process…

Circles: Circles are the Google+ way of organizing who you interact with and who is going to see what you post.  For example, you could create a circle for skiing, one for family, and another for co-workers.  You’d probably put me in skiing or travel. Then, when you post, if you choose the skiing circle, I’d see it.  If not, I won’t.

Hangouts: Hangouts are virtual meet-ups and can occur with 2 – 10 people (think family or friends) or can be a way to hold a broadcast.  In the case of a broadcast Hangout, it is recorded & posted to your YouTube channel so people can view it later or you can embed it on a website.

Google+ Ski and Snow Sports communityCommunities:  Communities are where you find others on Google+ with the same interests and connect with them.  A community can be created for anything – some are huge, some are niche and happy to keep it small.

To find a community, simply type what interests you in the Google+ search bar, choose Communities and see what is out there.  For example, type in “skiing” and the Ski & Snow sports community will appear in the list (or click on the image on the right) – then join it!

Pretty cool, huh? Join us!


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