Behind the Scenes with the AFP, Torin Yater Wallace, David Wise and more

Google+ hangout AFP at Copper MountainOn Jan 11, the Association of Freeskiing Professionals (AFP) hosted a Google+ Hangout from Copper Mountain, Colorado.

Torin Yater-Wallace, David Wise, Gus Kenworthy, Maddie Bowman, Laurent Favre, and Steele Spence discussed freeskiing topics, the AFP World Tour & Olympic freeskiing.

For any aspiring skier or super fan, this was a great behind the scenes hangout with top athletes and judges discussing topics that normally don’t make the mass media’s 10 second interview.

The highlight reel

Here’s the highlights we selected from the AFP World Tour US Grand Prix Copper Google+ hangout…

3:00 -> Olympic qualifying events, athletes from 30 nations, need for 2 judging panels

6:56 -> Torin Yater Wallace says – well, just watch it

8:00 -> Going big vs technical

9:58 -> Do you know the 5 judging criteria?

1 – Execution
2 – Difficulty
3 – Amplitude
4 – Variety
What’s number 5?

10:40 -> Advice for up and coming skiers

11:25 -> “The top 4 or top 3 guys usually have everything & it’s just how much of everything you had.” – David Wise

14:00 -> Discussion: “Keeping the integrity of the sport – keeping it cool & free” – David Wise

“I think the Olympics are kinda sick.” – Torin Yater Wallace

20:00 -> What is the ideal rail?

22:00 -> Should the Olympics be at a higher level than the X-Games?

23:25 -> Group question: “Do you think Big Air should be an Olympic event?”

25:25 -> Who said, “Having a girls’ Big Air would be embarassing?”

“AFP – Keeping the free in free skiing.” – John Lang

Really behind the scenes

For the Google+ hangouts technology hounds…

Cameras: Logitech C910
Audio: Headphone splitter with iphone headphones and equivalent
Internet: Hardline Ethernet connection with 70Mbps download and 50 Mbps Upload thanks to Copper Mountain’s marketing department

Note: The camera stayed ‘locked’ on the camera outside because of user error.