ICEdot Crash Sensor

ICEdot Crash SensorLet’s face it, no one ever thinks when they head out to grab a few miles of blissful solitude on their bike that they are going to end up on the side of the road unconscious.

But, it happens.  It happens to amateur riders, experienced riders, new riders, and even the pros.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 48,000 cyclists were injured and 677 were killed in the United States in 2011. Imagine what that number is worldwide.

But, what if there was a simple device that attached to your helmet that could detect if you crashed with a possible head injury and it could summon help, even if you couldn’t?

Lucas Euser, United Healthcare
Lucas Euser
United Healthcare
Amgen Tour of California 2014 Stage 1
Photo: Kim Hull ©Chasing Light Media

Enter ICEdot Crash Sensor – where technology and innovation intersect with adventure to help keep cyclists safer.

“Personally, I’ve been hit three times by cars.

Accidents happen.

Being able to notify your loved ones and get help on the way without having to touch a single button is enough for me to feel comfortable in assuming the risk of cycling.”

– Lucas Euser, Pro cyclist

Lucas Euser, United Healthcare
Lucas Euser, United Healthcare, Amgen Tour of California 2014 Stage 2
Photo: Kim Hull ©Chasing Light Media

The ICEdot Crash Sensor

So, how’s that work?

The Crash Sensor is a piece of hardware/technology that adheres to a cycling helmet and detects speed, changes of force and impact.

ICEdot Crash Sensor impact detectedIt syncs with a smart phone application and if an impact is detected it will begin an emergency countdown on your phone.

If the countdown is not manually turned off it will alert your emergency contacts that an impact has occurred and send them a map with your GPS location.

How simple is that?

And, hey – we spend our lives in helmets – ski helmets, bike helmets, rock climbing helmets.

ICEdot Crash Sensor clipIt’s easy to swap out the ICEdot iCrash Sensor between sports helmets by purchasing extra mounting clips (2 pack of mounting clips, $10).


Who is ICEdot?

ICEdot Crash Sensor bandICEdot is an emergency identification and notification service for athletes created in 2009.

For the price of a few beers you can get started with the ICE (in case of emergency) dot service ($10/yr for premium level service) and a bracelet ($20), stickers for your stuff ($10) or a snap pack of ICE buttons ($20) that you can snap on your gear.

ICEdot Crash Sensor buttonsYou then set up a profile with who to contact, medical information, your pic, etc.

First responders can text the personalized code on your bracelet or stickers and receive back emergency information stored in your ICEdot profile.