Oakley® Transitions® & Nike® MAX Transitions

Transitions cycling sunglassesSo, you get a new pair of cycling sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, head out for a ride on a bright sunny day, and an hour into your ride clouds roll in.  Time to switch lenses… but, oh yeah, you left them at home.

There’s a solution – Transitions.

You’ve probably heard of them or seen them at the optical shop – the lenses that go from light to dark depending on the outdoor light. Transitions are now available for sports sunglasses, including Oakley & Nike MAX. Take a look…

Oakley Transitions & Nike MAX Transitions

Transitions Adaptive Sunwear

The facts straight from Transitions

Transitions adaptive sunglasses use the advanced photochromic technology from Transitions Optical – but, unlike Transitions lenses, Transitions sunwear products may have an initial tint and are designed to enhance visual performance in specific outdoor activities. Like everyday Transitions lenses, Transitions adaptive sunglasses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.


Transitions adaptive sunglasses are self-adjusting, meaning they automatically darken and lighten depending on the brightness of the outdoor light.Ordinary sunglasses are designed to block a specific light level – which is why, in certain low-lighting situations, some sunglasses can seem too dark, while in brighter conditions, they are not dark enough.Through its advanced photochromic technology, Transitions Optical is able to help reduce the higher luminance (bright light) to more comfortable levels, while not blocking too much light in lower light conditions, so wearers continue to experience optimal performance, regardless of lighting conditions.


Transitions Optical has developed more than 3,500 different photochromic dyes that cover the entire color spectrum, all of which can be blended to achieve any desired color and to meet the needs of specific tasks.

  • Clear to Black Iridium lenses are designed to adapt automatically in a range of light conditions, from low-light/overcast to extremely sunny.
  • Red tinted lenses eliminate road glare and allow calming red light to enter the eye, which helps during endurance sports like cycling.
  • Rose lenses enhance contrast and increase brightness. They are most effective in bright and flat light, or in hazy conditions. They provide a warmer appearance and improve depth perception and contours.


Commonly used in regular sunglasses, polarized lenses help to block light and eliminate blinding (reflected) glare. They enable the eye to view objects otherwise hidden by reflected light while improving comfort and minimizing eye fatigue.Polarized lenses are ideal for situations where glare is caused by light being reflected off of flat surfaces, such as glass, concrete, water, ice or snow.

Performance Frame Fit

Choosing a sunwear frame is part personal style preference, part fit.By partnering with best-in-class brands like Oakley® and Nike®, Transitions adaptive sunglasses and shields are available in a variety of performance styles that can help add to a visual advantage during sports and activities.

Oakley Transitions

Oakley offers both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses.  Available in multiple colors and frame styles, including the Fast Jacket, Flak Jacket, and Half Jacket, they all activate to darker, neutral tints to allow athletes to maintain peak performance.

Nike MAX Transitions

Nike offers non-prescription lenses in proprietary tints (golf, outdoor and speed), designed to be both responsive to changing light and specifically engineered to sport performance. Available in the Show X2 and SQ (golf and outdoor) and Tailwind (Speed) frame styles.

Summing it up

Oakley TransitionsOakley Transitions cycling sunglasses

  • Available in multiple Oakley colors and frame styles, including the Fast Jacket, Flak Jacket, and Half Jacket
  • Comes with Transitions clear to dark Iridium® lenses
  • Prescription lenses available
  • Prices range from $180 – $300, depending on frame style (with non-prescription lenses)

Nike MAX Speed Tint cycling sunglassesNike MAX Transitions cycling sunglasses

  • Available in the Tailwind, Show XS, and SQ frame styles
  • Comes with Transitions SpeedTint lenses
  • Prices range from $119 – $210

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