FootBalance Custom Insoles for Cycling Shoes

FootBalance QuickFit Insoles
FootBalance QuickFit Insoles
Photo credit: Kim Hull, Cool Adventures
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If your feet hurt, you are not going to have a good day. And, that goes for time on the bike as well. Normally, I’m fine for an hour or two ride, but after that, some foot pain definitely begins to set in – usually an aching in the arch.

My hard-plastic, custom insoles won’t fit in my cycling shoes. So, when I heard about the new FootBalance custom insoles for cycling shoes, which they said could be created in less than 10 minutes, I wanted to know more.

FootBalance Custom Insoles in practice

I have tried the FootBalance Performance custom insoles in both my cycling shoes and in standard street shoes and have used them for both short and long distances.

The insoles have performed well. They are very comfortable, were easy to insert into the shoes, not even needing any trimming, and have held up well after a little over a month of use. For cycling, the insoles provide extra arch support and that definitely reduces foot fatigue.

Having worn custom, plastic inserts for several years in street shoes, it was an interesting comparison. The FootBalance custom insoles are far more comfortable and a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than my other inserts.  I suspect my old hard plastic insoles will last longer (they are basically indestructible) but at $79.99 US for the FootBalance insoles, they could be replaced several times before reaching the same amount I shelled out for my old insoles.

The facts straight from FootBalance

FootBalance Performance custom insoles

100% custom footbed is heat-molded expressly to riders’ feet in about 10 minutes at FootBalance dealer locations

MSRP $79.99

Ideal for:

  • Tight, low volume or performance footwear such as cycling shoes, spikes, soccer shoes, skates, minimalist and natural running footwear
  • Low to medium impact sports and activities
  • Individuals who benefit from light support but great for all foot types


  • Sizes-34-48
  • Weight-1.4oz/40grams
  • Materials: D200 Silver Ion, High-Abrasion, Anti-microbial, Anti-odor

FootBalance has multiple lines of insoles for a wide variety of sports, including their new QuickFit line that can be molded at home.

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