Mosaic Bespoke Bicycles

Photo: Aaron Barcheck

Photo by Todd Hofert
Article by Todd Hofert

Bicycles made to order. Pure and simple.

Mosaic is a custom bicycle manufacturer located in Boulder Colorado. In its fifth year, Mosaic has moved beyond ‘up and coming’ status establishing themselves through a sharp focus on quality, innovation, and style via a worldwide dealer network that shares their enthusiasm, inspiration, and appreciation for the craft.

Pro Peloton, a local Boulder bike shop and authorized Mosaic dealer, introduced me to the custom bike builder about a year ago. Then in the market for a new road bike, Pro Peloton listened to my needs and recognized my unique set of problems, ailments, and desires and almost immediately suggested a custom bike. Mosaic being a local Boulder company drew my interest to the brand. That coupled with beautiful examples of their work at Pro Peloton, they came right to the top of my list of prospects.

The business model Mosaic has adopted involves a network of carefully selected and qualified dealers. The dealers play a critical role in the process Mosaic uses to arrive at the perfect blend of form, fit, feel, finish and function. The dealer acts as the customer interface and is responsible for the fit consultation, the related expertise as well as the final assembly of the bike. Mosaic currently maintains relationships with eleven US based authorized dealers and three dealers outside of the US, one in Canada, one in the UK and one in Australia.

Todd Hofert's Mosaic Bespoke Bicycle
Todd Hofert’s Mosaic Bespoke Bicycle / Photo: Todd Hofert

Mosaic prides itself on design and attention to the unique needs and objectives of each of its clients. The design process incorporates all of the data and feedback collected by the dealer through the fit process. A collaborative approach between the two allows Mosaic to present the client with the intended outcome before putting torch to metal. The dealer articulates the how’s and the whys of the decisions made through the design process and explains how each helps accomplish the objectives of the build. The final design is always unique to its owner’s needs and marks the hand-off from science to art and the team moves on to frame construction.

The quality of form and finish is what initially attracted me to Mosaic. The bikes on display in the bike shop were stunning. Examples can be found Mosaic’s Flickr page. The craftsmanship is easy to appreciate and watching your next bike come to life adds an extra element to the bike buying experience. Upon completion, the frame is delivered back to the dealer where it is assembled and a final fit performed before being delivered to the client. My personal experience with Mosaic has been outstanding. My bike was delivered ahead of schedule, which was a pleasant surprise, and it has exceeded all expectations. Never before have I encountered so many people that will offer an unsolicited ‘wow, nice bike’ comment. If only they knew how it rides! I will without question build another Mosaic, it is simply a matter of time. Forever Bespoked!


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