Fezzari Bikes

Fezzari is a bike manufacturer that has taken a different approach to customized bikes using a direct to consumer model – and the majority of the time they don’t ever meet their customers in person.

Located in Lindon, UT, Fezzari customizes and ships bikes to cyclists around the world that are built and tuned to specifications provided by the customer over the internet.

Fezzari Road Bike
Photo: © Fezzari Bikes


Fezzari 23 point custom set upFezzari’s 23 point custom set up

How does Fezzari produce & sell customized bikes online?

First, the customer selects a bike from the Fezzari online store. Road bikes range from under $1000 to $7900 for the top of the line Fore CR5 DA D12.

Following bike selection, the customer provides the following measurements: height, weight, age, gender, inseam, shoulder width, arm length, and torso length.

Fezzari then builds the bike according to the measurements provided.

By selling direct to the consumer, Fezzari states they can pass along the savings to the customer as a result of not paying a distributor or retailer.

Fezzari 23 point bike processThe Fezzari website has extensive information detailing the technology and components used in constructing the bikes.

There are also numerous videos providing overviews of the process and products.