Trek Émonda : The New Trek 10 lb bike

Trek Émonda bikes Photo: © Trek

Trek Émonda SLR10

Weight: 10.25lb/4.65kg
Price: $15,749.99
Trek delivered the Émonda this week, with the Émonda SLR10 weighing in at a mere 10.25 lb/4.65 kg and priced at $15,749.99.

Impressive. A ten-pound bike.

Named from the French verb émonder, meaning “to prune or trim away,” the Trek Émonda is billed as “the lightest production road line ever.” Having ridden a Madone 5.2 WSD for a few years, which weighs in at 17.5 lbs, the announcement definitely turned my head, so I sent Trek a few questions to learn more.

How did the Émonda come into existence?
“Émonda started with a simple, albeit audacious goal: be the lightest production road bike line ever.”

Who is the target market?
Target market is riders looking for a lightweight advantage in a bike that rides like incredibly well. Émonda is the lightest production road bike LINE in the world. I want to emphasize the word “line” as there is a full line of Émondas and each is the absolute lightest in its category. This means that the entire spectrum of riders, from your full–on professional racer looking for even the slightest advantage to recreation cyclists that want a fantastic road bike will love Émonda.

I ride a Trek Madone 5.2 with a little customization that’s a couple of years old. What differences would I find if I purchased an Émonda?
The Émonda is a bike that will ride differently than a Madone from a few years ago. The comparable Émonda will be much lighter and will ride noticeably differently. Émonda will accelerate faster, especially when climbing. It’s going to be a more efficient bike – you’ll get a little more out of each pedal stroke. I will say though, your Madone 5.2 is a fantastic bike.

The Trek Émonda line

As emphasized above from Trek, Émonda is actually a product line, with several models at different weights and price points. The Émonda models are organized by their frame level and drivetrain build. The frame levels are S, SL, and SLR. The number that follows the frame designation represents the drivetrain spec.

The Trek Émonda S 4 is the entry level bike weighing in at just over 19 lbs and priced at $1650.


Weight (56cm/52cm WSD)

Price (US$)

kg lbs
Émonda S 4 8.74 19.27 $1,649.99
Émonda S 5 $2,089.99
Émonda S 5 WSD $2,089.99
Émonda S 6 8.38 18.47 $2,629.99
Émonda SL 5 $2,629.99
Émonda SL 5 WSD $2,629.99
Émonda SL 6 7.39 16.29 $3,149.99
Émonda SL 6 WSD 7.46 16.45 $3,149.99
Émonda SL 8 7.06 15.56 $4,519.99
Émonda SL 8 RED 6.81 15.01 $4,519.99
Émonda SL 8 WSD 7.00 15.43 $4,519.99
Émonda SLR 6 6.60 14.55 $5,249.99
Émonda SLR 8 6.15 13.56 $7,449.99
Émonda SLR 9 6.10 13.45 $12,079.99
Émonda SLR 9 WSD 6.09 13.43 $12,079.99
Émonda SLR 10 4.65 10.25 $15,749.99
Trek Émonda testing
Trek Émonda testing
Photo: © Trek Bicycles

So, how did Trek do it?

Trek designed the Émonda line from the ground up, eliminating everything that wasn’t necessary.

“The idea was; we have the resources to build a complete bike system. Let’s use that advantage to look at every aspect of the bicycle and how each component interacts with all the others.

Once we covered the basic bike functions, we focused on every minute detail. Every decision was based on what was the overall lightest option for the system.”
– Ben Coates, Trek Road Product Manager

How did Trek build a bike that is just over 10 pounds?  Here are the numbers:

Émonda SLR 10  Weight (g)
Émonda SLR frame 690
Émonda SLR fork 280
Frame hardware (der hanger, all cable stops and bolts) 30.5
Bontrager XXX Integrated bar/stem 216
Bontrager SLR Ride Tuned Carbon seatmast cap and ears 119
Cane Creek AER upper headset assembly 18
FSA Super Light headset lower bearing 17.8
Bontrager Speed Stop brakes (pair) 232
Fully stock SRAM RED drivetrain 1455
Bontrager ceramic BB bearings 62
Tune headset spacer 1.2
Tune Komm-Vor Plus saddle 83
Tune wheelset: MIG45 front hub, MAG150 rear hub, Skyline carbon tubular rims; Sapim CX Ray Spokes 886
Tune Skyline U20 skewers (pair) 27
Tune Gum Gum expander plug and headset top cap 15
Vittoria Crono CS tubulars (pair) 360
Bontrager lightweight grip tape (with bar end plugs) 34
Jagwire Road Elite Link cables and housing 125

Is this the end of the Madone?

Trek says no.

Trek states they are allowing riders to ‘Choose Your Weapon’ by offering three different road carbon platforms for three different riding styles:

  • The Domane represents the smooth advantage
  • The Émonda features the ultralight advantage
  • The Madone is the aero advantage. Madone will live on where it is the most effective and the future of the Madone is secure and exciting.

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