Article by Kim Hull

Traveling as much as we do, we have a list of things that we pack for every trip: a wine bottle opener, a power supply, extra phone charger cords, and now, the FitKit.

Photo: Greg K. Hull, Cool Adventures © Chasing Light Media

The FitKit contains all the fitness tools you need for a complete workout no matter where you are and it only weighs 2 lbs.

The FitKit: What’s included

FitKit contents
FitKit contents
Photo: Greg K. Hull © Chasing Light Media

The FitKit contains:

  • An exercise band with handles
  • A pedometer
  • A resistance tube
  • A jump rope
  • A door attachment
  • A reflective arm band
  • An ID tag
FitKit product review
Photo: Greg K. Hull, Cool Adventures © Chasing Light Media
Amie on Dr Oz Health Segment
Amie on Dr Oz Health Segment

Developed by fitness expert, Amie Hoff, who you may have seen on The Today Show, Good Morning America or Dr. Oz, the FitKit also comes with access to a library of 250 exercises.

The exercises are easy to follow with images demonstrating how each should be done and are grouped by body area such as upper body, lower body, core, agility, flexibility, and aerobic.

Putting the FitKit to the test

The FitKit comes in a standard version (what I tried), a 50+ version that includes a fall prevention video and balance floor markers, a corporate/custom logo version, and a pink FitKit Hope, where 25% of the proceeds go to breast cancer research.

I first tried out the FitKit in our home gym and tested the pedometer on one of our afternoon 3-mile walks. The FitKit Getting Started Guide is the place to well…get started. The guide recommends stretching, then selecting 1-2 exercises for each muscle group from the Fitness Library and beginning with 2 sets of 10 repetitions for each, working up to 3 sets of 15 over time. The Getting Started guide comes with the kit, and both the guide and the Fitness Library are online at, so all you need is a smart phone or internet connection to access them when traveling.

FitKit exercise libraryI selected a variety of exercises that included:

FitKit exercises
FitKit exercises
Photo: Greg K. Hull, Cool Adventures © Chasing Light Media

Back: Bent over Fly
that uses the resistance tube with handles anchored under feet

FitKit exercises
FitKit exercises
Photo: Greg K. Hull, Cool Adventures © Chasing Light Media

Chest: Decline chest fly
which is done with the resistance tube anchored to the top of the door

Following my exercise sets, I jumped rope for a few minutes, then we then set out for a hike. A good rule of thumb is to try to walk 10,000 steps per day and a pedometer is a great way to keep track of your daily count and stay motivated throughout the day.

Chatting with FitKit founder, Amie Hoff

After trying out the FitKit, we caught up with Amie, who answered a few questions that were on our mind.

How did you come up with the FitKit?

Amie Hoff FitnessI started in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and loved the reward I got with helping people get healthy and fit. I wanted to help more people, even if I couldn’t work with them 1-1 directly.

My sister and I had always wanted to start a business together so with her business sense and my fitness background (and both love to travel and stay fit!) The market place was lacking an affordable workout solution that could be done anytime, anywhere. And FitKit was born!

How has it been received?

Because we started FitKit as somewhat of a hobby while we both had full-time careers, it was a slow start. But because I am lucky enough to appear on national TV segments as a fitness personality, I was able to share FitKit with the public.

Once I did that, it really took off and we have turned FitKit into a full-time endeavor. I also work as a corporate fitness consultant so it’s a natural “fit” for companies to buy FitKits in volume (we offer volume discounts) for their wellness needs. And because we can add their logo to the FitKits, it’s a great way for companies to encourage health while promoting their brand.

Do you personally use the FitKit?

Absolutely! Especially in the Northeast this winter, it’s often tough to get motivated to get to the gym. I also travel quite a bit so created FitKit to easily fit in a carry-on, pass through TSA and very light weight! Not every hotel has a gym so it’s my little security blanket. Not to mention I have no excuses!

What’s next for FitKit?

FitKit KIDS! We really want to help tackle childhood obesity and make fitness fun and exciting for kids. We are also starting to partner with community and state level initiatives to help spread awareness. Speak at events, teach classes to kids (and parents!) help schools develop programs to keep kids active. A few schools use FitKits but we are working on a component-specific kit with exercises by kids, for kids. Stay tuned!

The FitKit: Summing it up

Overall, you can get a great workout from the FitKit.

It’s compact, the equipment is easy to use, the exercises are easy to understand, and it eliminates that excuse of not working out because the hotel gym is dreary or the hotel doesn’t even have one. For working out at home, it adds numerous new options to your daily fitness routine without buying expensive equipment.

In addition to the fitness exercise library, the website has a health and fitness blog and additional FitKit products such as a 6 week nutritional and exercise program, a printed version of the exercise library, and other associated items.

The information provided is for educational purposes only. As with any fitness program, see your doctor before trying any workout to discuss one that is appropriate for you.

Disclosure & disclaimer: We received a product sample for evaluation for this review and were not otherwise financially compensated by the sponsor. Reviews are opinion only and Chasing Light Media accepts no responsibility for how the information is used.