In the market for a $54,000 bike?

Cover: Cipollini Luxury Edition RB1000 Photo: © MCipollini
Article by Kim Hull

If you’ve ever wanted a bike with a bit of bling, MCipollini has the ride for you.

Unveiled at Like Bike Monte Carlo, Cipollini took the RB 1000, which can typically retail for up to $7700, and as Cipollini describes it, created:

….something new and without precedents, going beyond the limits and producing this Luxury Edition in Gold (40 grams / 18 carats), Platinum (12 grams in head tube & 110 grams in down tube) and Diamonds (17 carats).”


This lavish bike is a great mix of high quality jewelry and innovative technology, a true expression of what Made in Italy really means. The result is an elegant and polished piece of art. A bike that is meant to last forever.”

One would hope so with a $54,000 price tag.

Photos and video courtesy of MCipollini

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