We’ve joined Team WoolX!

Cover: Kim wearing WoolX while hiking on the Tahoe Rim Trail
Photo: Greg K. Hull, Cool Adventures © Chasing Light Media
Article by Kim Hull

When you find a product you really love it’s great to tell people about it. It’s even better when you can become part of the team! WoolX makes premium Merino Wool garments that are super soft, comfortable, and washable.

WoolX Merino Wool Mid-weight socksI’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical about WoolX’s “no itch” claim before trying it out. Having spent years using different products for hiking and skiing, wool products almost always itch and usually require dry cleaning, so we tend to avoid them. WoolX changed our minds. The wool comes from Merino Sheep bred in Australia and New Zealand, the clothing is amazingly soft, and it doesn’t itch.

According to WoolX, it’s because Merino Sheep wool fibers are very small – smaller even than human hair – and the finer the wool is, the softer it feels. WoolX uses SuperFine fibers and that is how they achieve such a soft, no-itch result. WoolX has a heck of a guarantee too, allowing you to wear & wash their garments for 30 days. If you don’t agree that the garment doesn’t itch during the 30 days, you can return it for a refund and they even pay for the shipping back.

The WoolX clothing is straight-forward performance with no logos on the shirts or tags inside that bug you. The garments are cut comfortably, are washable and.. they can be put in the dryer. Greg didn’t believe them and laid his shirt out on the counter the first round. Me – I pitched it in the machines and it was just fine. After multiple washings (and dryings) they have retained their shape and are just as soft or softer.

Greg wearing WoolX mid-weight shirt while hiking at Lake Tahoe
Greg wearing WoolX mid-weight shirt while hiking at Lake Tahoe
Photo: Kim Hull, Cool Adventures © Chasing Light Media

What do we wear?

WoolX comes in three weights – light, mid and heavy. The mid-weight is perfect for hiking in the spring and fall and is good for bluebird days when skiing. In the pictures, I’m wearing the Brooke 1/4 Zip Merino Wool Baselayer Top and Greg is wearing the Outback Tee – Lightweight Merino Wool T-Shirt. On our feet comfortably inside our hiking boots are WoolX socks keeping our feet happy and dry.

The WoolX clothing breathes well, ranks high for comfort and are great for layering to handle the changing conditions that happen in the mountains.

WoolX base layer for skiing
WoolX base layer for skiing
© Chasing Light Media

The base layer pants are some of the most comfortable I’ve tried for skiing. They are available in both mid-weight and heavy-weight which gives you flexibility for different weather conditions.

We’ll also be taking our WoolX with us to Europe this summer. We’ll be on the road for six weeks with once bag each, and the WoolX clothing can be washed in a hotel sink, then air-dried in an hour or two, which will be awesome. Additionally, the tops are stylish enough to wear to dinner, which equals space saved in the suitcase.

So, we joined Team WoolX

We love WoolX and when they asked us to join Team WoolX we said, “Absolutely!” Team WoolX members are a group of people across multiple adventure sports that share an appreciation for the well-made, high-quality, comfort of WoolX garments. Check out the team as we put #WoolXinAction!

Team WoolX

Disclosure & disclaimer: As brand ambassadors for WoolX, we receive product samples for evaluation and are not otherwise financially compensated by this sponsor. Reviews are opinion only and Chasing Light Media accepts no responsibility for how the information is used.