5 reasons you need a Travel Wifi when traveling to France

We are addicted to our connectivity. Facebook, Twitter, email, maps, Google – it is instinct to grab your phone throughout the day and find out what is going on in the world, get directions, or check in with friends and family.

Travel Wifi - Global data roamingWhen traveling outside the U.S., it is even more so. You wander down one street, then another, and 30 minutes later, your wandering leads you to wonder where you’ve ended up. So, you grab your phone and stare at the settings to determine if it’s a data worthy moment.

You know the thought – should you turn on the global data coverage or not? Oh, how you want to slide that little dot to the right and see it turn green. But, even a few minutes on global data roaming eats up those precious MB.

Travel Wifi: A better way

One of the first things you discover when leaving the United States is that data roaming rates are outrageously expensive.

Packages sold in 100MB increments? Seriously – I can burn through that before my croissant and cappuccino.

Fortunately, we found a MUCH better solution while in France – Travel Wifi.

What is Travel Wifi? A personal mobile hotspot with 4G coverage throughout much of France. What a bon idée!

How does Travel Wifi work?

Travel Wifi - Alpe d'HuezIt’s simple. The Travel Wifi device comes configured and ready to go with both a wall charger and a USB cord for charging using your computer.

You turn the unit on, connect your device to the Travel Wifi with a password, drop it in your purse or backpack and Voilà!– you’re ready for that selfie with the Eifel Tower.

5 reasons you need a Travel Wifi when traveling in France

1. Unlimited access: Travel Wifi provides unlimited mobile hotspot access

Unlimited. Illimité. That has to be one the best words in any language. No more checking usage. No overage charges. No surprises.

2. Coverage: Travel Wifi has great coverage in France

Travel Wifi can be used in most locations throughout France.

The mobile hotspot uses the French 4G Network of Bouygues Telecom, which has a super fast connection. Wherever 4G is not available, the hotspot connects to the fastest technology available.

Travel Wifi coverage map3. Devices: Connect up to 10 devices to your Travel Wifi

We travel with at least three laptops, two iPhones and two iPads. With the Travel Wifi’s capability to connect 10 devices I may just have to go shopping for more devices!

A great feature for friends and family traveling together.

4. Customer service: The Travel Wifi team is super friendly & speaks English

As much as I adore France and the beautiful sound of the French language, it is far more comfortable when completing a transaction to do so in your native language.

If you speak English, you are set with Travel Wifi. The website is easy to use and in English.

In addition to Travel Wifi information, the Travel Wifi blog has helpful tips for getting around Paris and is also written in English.

And most of all, the Travel Wifi team is a great English speaking group that is very accommodating and always there to help.

Travel Wifi location in Paris5. Convenience: Getting and returning a Travel Wifi is easy and convenient

Step one of getting a Travel Wifi mobile hotspot is reserving one on their website.

You can then receive your Travel Wifi by mail, pick it up at one of post offices at CDG airport, have it delivered to your hotel, or stop by the Travel Wifi office in Paris.

If you choose to stop by the office, it is in a great location near the Pompidou Center in the third district (arrondissement).

When you depart France, you simply drop the device in the postage-paid envelope for return or drop it back off at the Travel Wifi office.

Learn more!

Check out the Travel Wifi website for more information and reserve your mobile hotspot today!

Disclosure & disclaimer: We were provided a TravelWifi for our review. The content & opinions expressed are entirely our own. Reviews are opinion only and Chasing Light Media accepts no responsibility for how the information is used.