Guest posts

We welcome guest authors and thank you for your interest in contributing to Cool Adventures.

To get started, please review our guest post guidelines.

Guest post guidelines

  • Relevancy. Articles must be related to travel, adventure travel, adventures (skiing, mountaineering, hiking, climbing, fitness, etc.) or wine destinations. Example topics include travel experiences, travel tips, ski resort reviews, hiking or backpacking adventures, and wine country travel. Content must be relevant and engaging.
  • Personal experience. The experiences described must be yours. Researched articles will not be accepted.
  • Unique content. The content must be unique and may not appear anywhere else on the internet including your own website or social media pages, now or in the future.
  • No promotional posts. Gear reviews, promotional, and commercial articles (i.e., articles solely for promoting a product or location) will not be accepted.
  • Links. Links published in an article will be at the discretion of the Cool Adventures editorial staff.
  • Length. Articles must be a minimum of 700 words and a maximum of 1500 words.
  • Submission. Content should be submitted in a text file, email or Microsoft Word document with no/minimal formatting. Any relevant links should be noted at the intended point of inclusion.
  • Editorial process. We reserve the right to edit your work for clarity, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting. No curse words, sexually explicit language, or political comments will be published. We may also remove links deemed inappropriate and/or unnecessary.
  • Publishing rights. Cool Adventures will hold the digital publishing rights to the post if it is published.
  • Photos. The article must include a minimum of four high quality images at least 1024 pixels wide. You must own the copyright on the images, which will be retained by you with you granting the right to use to Cool Adventures. We reserve the right to omit and/or further edit images prior to publishing.
  • Byline. All guest authors receive a byline at the bottom of the article and a short bio. Two to three lines (about 50 words) of personal profile information should be submitted along with one (optional) website link. If an email account linked to a Gravatar account is provided (we can provide set up instructions), a featured box with up to two social media links will be included.
  • Cross-promotion of article. We will promote the article on our social media channels. Guest authors are encouraged to promote their articles through email, websites, newsletters and social media as well.

Ready to write?

Please submit the following information which must include a description of the topic (pitch) and a link to your previously published work (your blog or an article with your byline).