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If you have an appropriate business or product, we encourage you to read through our review process and give us a shout if you think it’s a good fit.

Here are answers to a few questions we frequently receive from sponsors concerning reviews.

What is an appropriate product or business?

First, it must have something to do with travel, skiing, hiking, fitness and/or be a winery.

For product reviews do you require a sample?

Yes. We will not publish a review without personally trying the product or service. The sponsor is responsible with all shipping expenses and the product will not be returned.

We will note at the bottom of the review that the product was provided for testing purposes.

What if you do not like the product?

If there are a few minor irritations or issues, we will publish the review and note the issues.

In the circumstance that we are overall unsatisfied with the product, we will notify the sponsor of the issue. Generally, we will not publish the negative review and the sponsor will have the option to pay for return shipping for the item.

What is included in the review?

We describe the business or product and the features. For products, we discuss how we tested the product and report our findings.

Except in special circumstances, all photography used will be ours.

Links for buyers to acquire the product will be provided in the article, which may or may not include a link to purchase the product on through our affiliate account.

Will you promote the review on social media?

Yes, using the appropriate accounts.

All reviews -> Twitter @KimberliHull (85k+), Twitter Cool Adventures Facebook Cool Adventures (3k+), Google+ Kim Hull (1.5k+)

Reviews may be shared on other social media accounts, groups or sites, such as skiing reviews in the Google+ Skiing & Snowsports community (Kim Hull owner – 8k+).

All posts will be written by Cool Adventures and article submissions from sponsors will not be accepted.

Will we do a giveaway?

Maybe. Let us know of your giveaway or contest idea. Generally contests and giveaways will only be accepted in conjunction with a product review.

If emails of entrants are required to be provided to the sponsor as a part of the contest, the requirement will be noted with the giveaway information.

Contest winners will be chosen at random from all eligible entries. The winner’s contact information will be provided to the giveaway sponsor for shipping the prize to the winner.  Shipping of prizes direct from the sponsor is a requirement of the giveaway.

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